KADOKAWA Group whistleblowing desk

*Please read before whistleblowing and consultation*


  • The information you provided to us for whistleblowing and consultation will be used for the purpose of investigating violations of laws and regulations, etc.
  • Personal information of whistleblowers/consultants will be managed and operated appropriately based on KADOKAWA's personal information protection policy.
  • Please understand that we may not be able to respond to your whistleblowing and consultation if it doesn’t fall under the "contents that can be whistleblown or consulted.”
  • Inquiries received on days when KADOKAWA Corporation is closed (Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, etc.) will be answered within two business days.

Protection of whistleblowers and consulters

  • The content of whistleblowing and consultation will be kept strictly confidential by the parties involved in the response.
  • Whistleblowing and consultation to the company can be made anonymously.
  • You will not be treated unfavorably by the company as a result of your whistleblowing.
  • Those who belong to a company in Japan The matter that relates to whistleblowing will be protected by Whistleblower Protection Act in Japan
  • Those who belong to a company outside Japan Reports and consultations based on the laws and regulations of each country are protected by the laws and regulations.


  • KADOKAWA Group Officers and employees of each company(Officer・Regular employee・Contracted employee・Fixed-term employee・Temporary worker・Dispatched worker)、Resignee、Trading business operator

What you can whistleblow or consult

  • Violation of laws and regulations

  • Violation of company rules

  • Harassment consultation

  • Complaints, grievances, and slander, including the treatment of individuals, cannot be accepted.

Flow of whistleblowing and consultation


Whistleblowers / consulters

Whistleblowing / consultation

  • You can whistleblow or consult through the external contact (NEC VALWAY, Ltd. The same applies hereafter.)


External contact

Reception for whistleblowing / consultation・Report to the company

  • The external contact will report the contents of whistleblowing and consultation to the company. You can choose to use your real name or an anonymous name for this report.



Acceptance / rejection decision・Investigation / policy review / Preparation of company response・Report to the external contact

  • The company will investigate about the contents. (Depending on the contents of whistleblowing and consultation, it may or may not be the subject of an investigation.)


External contact

Company response received・Report to the whistleblowers / consulters

  • The company will reply to the external contact with inquiries to the whistleblower / consulter and investigation results.


Whistleblowers / consulters

Company response received

  • The external contact will reply to the whistleblower / consulter with the inquiries and investigation results.

Reception hours

  • Website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year