Consultation and reporting on compliance with business partners

About the Compliance Hotline

The Rubycon Group has established the Rubycon Group Code of Conduct, and the entire Group is promoting compliance (legal regulations and ethical compliance). We have established an external contact point (name: Compliance Hotline) as a system for business partners to report to us.
If you have any concerns about Rubycon Group's compliance in your transactions, please report them to our hotline.

Terms of Use

Reports can be submitted by name or anonymously.
However, please understand that in the case of anonymity, we may not be able to conduct a sufficient investigation or take appropriate corrective measures, and we may not be able to notify you of the results of the investigation.
(Please do not contact us with the intention of slandering or maligning an individual, or to make a sales call.)

Privacy protection

We will treat the information reported by our business partners with due consideration to the privacy of the informant, and we will not receive any disadvantageous treatment from the informant or your company by reason of the informant.
The personal information of those who have consulted or reported will be used for the purpose of investigation, including fact-finding, and for the purpose of contacting us with the results of our response.

Confidentiality by outsourcing

The window is set up at an outsourced company (NEC VALWAY Co., Ltd.), and reception is also done by employees of the outsourced company. The content of the report will not be disclosed or leaked to a third party (except when required by law).


Request: In order to accurately understand the problem, consultations and declarations will be limited to the following dedicated contact points. In addition, we will verify your identity so that we can respond to inquiries and answers after the fact, so please specify your company name and name. At the request of the whistleblower, the company name and name can be kept at the filing window (consignment company), and the report to our company can be made anonymous.

【 Contact 】Compliance Hotline

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