Compliance consultation / reporting counter

About the Nitta Group Compliance Hotline

The Nitta Group has enacted the "NITTA Group Code of Conduct", signed the United Nations Global Compact, and made a group-wide compliance toward the practice of the 10 principles of the four fields (human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption). We are promoting (compliance with laws and ethics). As part of this, we have established a “Compliance Consultation / Reporting Counter (name: Nitta Group Compliance Hotline)” from our business partners.

About consultation / report target

If you have any questions about our compliance during transactions, please contact this hotline.

Privacy protection

We will handle the information reported by our business partners with due consideration for the privacy of the whistleblower, and the whistleblower or your company will not be treated unfavorably because of the whistleblower.

Confidentiality by outsourcing

The contact point for consultation and report reception is set up within the outsourced company "NEC VALWAY Co., Ltd.", and the reception desk is also handled by the outsourced employees. The content of the consultation / report will not be disclosed or leaked to any third party other than this contractor and the person in charge of consultation / reporting of our company (except when required by law).


Request: We will only accept consultations and reports to the following dedicated contact points. In addition, please specify the company name and name of the person who made the consultation / reporter so that we can make inquiries or answers to your request. In addition, at the request of the counselor / reporter, it is possible to keep the company name / name information at an outsourced window and make it anonymous when communicating the content of the counseling / report to the Company from this window.

【 Contact 】Nitta Group Compliance Hotline

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